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Applying false lashes in a salon

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What We Do

Set of Eyelash Extensioins


Eyelash extensions are a sought-after cosmetic treatment involving the attachment of synthetic lashes to natural ones. They offer numerous benefits, such as saving time on daily mascara application and accentuating the eyes for a more vibrant appearance. These extensions can boost confidence by enhancing overall beauty and last for weeks with proper maintenance. They are customizable in length, thickness, and style, catering to individual preferences. Moreover, they are water-resistant, making them suitable for active lifestyles and water-based activities.

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Applying Sheet Mask


Professional skincare treatments from estheticians offer several advantages. They involve deep cleansing to remove dirt and impurities, reducing breakouts, and utilize high-quality products for a refreshed feel. Exfoliation is often included, revealing brighter skin and enhancing product absorption. Estheticians personalize treatments based on individual skin needs, often incorporating relaxing massage techniques. The use of professional-grade products ensures effective results with high-quality ingredients. In summary, professional skincare treatments lead to improved skin health and appearance, coupled with a pleasant and relaxing experience.

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Receiving Back Massage

Massage Therapy

At Ilash & Skincare, we strive to provide our clients with the perfect balance of relaxation and therapeutic massage. Our experienced massage therapists are committed to helping our clients reduce muscle aches and pains, boost their energy levels and promote overall relaxation of the mind and body.

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Dark Hair Beauty


Since opening our doors in 2012 we have always strived to give all of our clients the best experience possible. That being said customer service is our number one priority which is why we hold ourselves, our employees, and our tools and products to the highest standard.

Pen over Papers


All of our employees are highly trained and licensed in their respective fields. Our facilities are regulated and are always up to date with the newest regulations.

Technician helping a client.


In the field of skincare and beauty there is no such thing as "one size fits all". Everyone is different which is why all of our skincare services are customized to the needs of the clients. When receiving eyelash extensions clients are free to choose the look that they desire with the help of their technician.

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