New Lash Foaming Cleanser Available Now!!!

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We are very excited to announce that our new iLash Foam Lash Cleanser is now available to purchase!   If you have been following our blog, then you have noticed that we believe in keeping [...]

What is Microneedling?

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I recently wrote about the Plasma treatment as well as the difference between a bio roller and dermapen. Well if you read those blogs then you must know that here at ilash & Skincare we [...]

MICRONEEDLING: Dermapen vs Bioroller

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Taking care of your skin is a high priority for many of us. Thankfully in today's world there has been many technological advancements and studies which has showed us new ,simpler ways of taking care [...]

Eyelash Extensions VS Mascara

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Day by day , client by client, here at Ilash and Skincare we are constantly being asked “Can I use MASCARA with my eyelash extensions?”.For the most part we try to have our clients avoid [...]

Steps to Properly Clean Your Lash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions have become a huge trend in the world of beauty and because of this there are many different takes and methods to properly take care of your lash extensions with maximum amount of [...]

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Lash Extensions

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The lash craze is REAL!! Everywhere I look every corner I turn, no matter where I am in this beautifully massive city, there is always someone nearby wearing eyelash extensions. Luckily I have been able [...]