MICRONEEDLING: Dermapen vs Bioroller

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Taking care of your skin is a high priority for many of us. Thankfully in today's world there has been many technological advancements and studies which has showed us new ,simpler ways of taking care [...]

Eyelash Extensions VS Mascara

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Day by day , client by client, here at Ilash and Skincare we are constantly being asked “Can I use MASCARA with my eyelash extensions?”.For the most part we try to have our clients avoid [...]

Steps to Properly Clean Your Lash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions have become a huge trend in the world of beauty and because of this there are many different takes and methods to properly take care of your lash extensions with maximum amount of [...]

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Lash Extensions

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The lash craze is REAL!! Everywhere I look every corner I turn, no matter where I am in this beautifully massive city, there is always someone nearby wearing eyelash extensions. Luckily I have been able [...]

Eyelash extension retention issues?

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Sometimes it seems that your lashes fall quicker than others and you begin to ask yourself " Why are they falling out faster?" or "What can I do to make them last longer?"  Here are [...]

Natural Lash Growth Cycle

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If you see lashes o your pillow when you wake up in the morning don’t panic! It is a natural process, like every other hair on your body, eyelashes are constantly moving through a natural [...]