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iLash and Skincare Miami Lash Course Certificate


Kick start your Eyelash Extension Career with our 2 and 4 day courses that cover both: the theory of the eyelash application technique, as well as hands-on practice in order to ensure each student is prepared to apply eyelash extensions by the end of the course. The instructors will also go over the basic etiquette to use with clients.

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Online Course

Our online course gives you all the knowledge you will need in order to learn to aplly eyelash extension. This course covers everything you need to know from the history of eyelash extensions to the sizes you should use on a client. All of this from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and internet connection.


Why should I learn to apply eyelash extensions?

A career applying eyelash extension can be very useful if you are interested in a career in beauty, or if you are interested in just having a career applying eyelash extension then this is the course for you . In Florida , eyelash extension technicians have an average salary of 38,500 a year.

Will I immediately begin applying eyelash extensions on clients after the course?

In our live and in person course we provide hands on practice and have our students apply eyelash extensions on real people. That being said, not everyone learns at the same pace and some students pick up the application process quicker than others. In order to have a successful career we highly recommend for all our students to practice often to continue developing their craft. 

What is the difference in your live course and online course?

In both our online eyelash extension course and in person course, we provide our student with all the basic knowledge that they would need in order to begin a successful and knowledgeable career in eyelash extensions. In our live course we not only provide hand on training but you will also receive a kit with all the tools and products that you will need in order to get started including tweezers, glue, undereye pads, brushes, as well as different lengths of eyelash extensions. This kit is not provided in our online course but we do provide the links to where our students can purchase the tools that they need. 

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