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Back pain is never pleasant, let alone when you work applying eyelash extensions. Dealing with this pain can be very bad for you health and can cause you to provide poor service to your customer. Today , most eyelash technicians work back to back meaning that they tend to one customer after another with minimal rest. The quicker we can find the solutions for this problem the sooner you will be able to shift your focus entirely on the task at hand.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is your posture while doing eyelash extension and sitting in general. Most people nowadays lack good posture due to staring at a screen all day which forces people to throw their body weight forward. In the long run this can cause unalignment in your muscles which in turn will begin to cause pain . The best advice I can give is to consciously be aware of your posture. Always sit up and make sure to maintain a straight back. Here is a simple tip to help you keep good posture: Stand up straight with your shoulders back and ask someone to place a piece of tape from one shoulder blade to the other. If you begin to slouch then the tape will begin to pull on your shoulders reminding you to sit up again.

The next point of advice to help your posture and prevent back pain is trying to find an appropriate height of your work stool and bed. A good way of forcing you to have good posture is by placing the height of your bed at around the same height as your belly button while you are sitting. This will allow you to comfortably do your clients lashes while always maintaining your back in a straight position.

Now to discuss the importance of the type of stool you use to work on. Many people tend to use regular hydraulic stools when they are providing the service of eyelash extensions. When sitting on regular stools, most people tend to have really poor posture and it is easier to slouch on these. It is important to use a stool that will force you to use multiple parts of your body to support yourself and not just your back. Kneeling chairs are a good option because you use your knees to get weight off of your back which in turn causes less to no back pain. The one downside is that a few people have complained of having slight knee discomfort after using one of these for an 8 hour day. Saddle stools are probably the best solution. Using a saddle stool has many benefits. A saddle causes you to use your legs to take the weight off of your back and helps to distribute your weight evenly. Although you may not notice it, these stools help you strengthen your core over time from holding your self straight. This not only will prevent back pain but it will also help your prevent most types of injuries to your back.

Always do your absolute best to take good care of yourself both physically and mentally. If this is done right then it will help you and your business flourish.

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