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Maintaining Good Posture and Preventing Back Pain in Eyelash Extension Work

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Diagram highlighting lower back

Back pain can be particularly distressing, especially when working in the field of applying eyelash extensions. Dealing with this discomfort not only affects your overall health but can also impact the quality of service you provide to your customers. In today's fast-paced industry, where eyelash technicians often work back-to-back appointments with minimal rest, finding effective solutions for back pain becomes essential to focus entirely on the task at hand.

The first step in addressing this issue is to evaluate your posture while performing eyelash extensions and sitting in general. Many individuals today struggle with poor posture due to prolonged screen time, causing a forward-leaning body position. Over time, this misalignment of muscles can lead to pain and discomfort. To combat this, it is crucial to be consciously aware of your posture and make a conscious effort to sit up straight with a straight back. Here's a simple tip to help maintain good posture: Stand up straight with your shoulders back and have someone place a piece of tape from one shoulder blade to the other. If you start to slouch, the tape will gently pull on your shoulders, serving as a reminder to readjust and sit up straight again.

woman sitting on stool at an appropriate height

Another important aspect to consider is finding the appropriate height for your work stool and bed to support proper posture and prevent back pain. Set your bed's height to align with your belly button while sitting, allowing you to comfortably work on your clients' lashes while maintaining a straight back.

The type of stool you use also plays a significant role in promoting good posture and preventing back pain. Many eyelash technicians opt for regular hydraulic stools, which often lead to poor posture and increased slouching. It is crucial to choose a stool that encourages proper support from multiple parts of your body, not just your back. Kneeling chairs can be a suitable option as they distribute weight away from the back by utilizing the knees. However, some individuals have reported slight knee discomfort after using them for extended periods. Saddle stools, on the other hand, provide numerous benefits. They require you to engage your legs to support your weight, helping distribute it evenly. Additionally, using saddle stools over time can strengthen your core muscles by promoting a straight posture. This not only prevents back pain but also minimizes the risk of various back injuries.

image of saddle stool

Always prioritize self-care, both physically and mentally, to ensure personal well-being and the success of your business. By implementing these tips and taking care of your health, you can provide exceptional service to your clients while safeguarding your own well-being.

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