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Optimize Eyelash Extension Results: Prevent Clumping and Ensure Client Comfort

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Clumped Eyelash Extensions Due To Glue

Over the past 7 years in the eyelash extension business, I've witnessed various techniques and procedures, yielding different results. While some jobs showcased beautiful extensions, others fell short, often with glue clusters and tangled lashes. Unfortunately, when multiple extensions stick together, it poses risks to lash health and impacts client satisfaction. In addition to adding excessive weight and straining natural lashes and roots, clumped extensions raise the chances of irritation and infections.

To address this issue, the best practice is to apply extensions to both eyes simultaneously, alternating between them after placing each extension. This simple technique offers significant benefits for achieving optimal results and enhancing client comfort:

  1. Prevents Extensions from Clumping: Alternating between eyes allows more time for the adhesive on each extension to dry before placing a fresh extension next to it. This significantly reduces the likelihood of extensions sticking together and forming clumps.

  2. Reduces Weight on Natural Lashes: By distributing the workload across multiple lashes, alternating application decreases the strain on any single lash. This helps maintain lash health and prevents damage caused by excessive weight.

  3. Promotes Natural Movement: Each extension is individually applied, resulting in a more natural and realistic look. These truly individual extensions allow for better movement and enhance the overall appearance.

  4. Minimizes Irritation: By eliminating clumps of extensions, the risk of irritating reactions is significantly reduced. Clients will experience enhanced comfort and fewer instances of discomfort or sensitivity.

  5. Decreases Adhesive Fumes: Alternating between eyes during application also minimizes the amount of adhesive fumes concentrated over a single eye at any given time. This helps create a more pleasant and comfortable environment for both the technician and the client.

While some may argue in favor of applying extensions to one eye before moving to the other, it's important to note that alternating is a versatile technique suitable for a wide range of technicians and clients. It accommodates varying adhesive drying rates, client tolerance to fumes, and different application durations. Moreover, maintaining symmetry becomes easier when both eyes are treated simultaneously. In the unlikely event of an emergency requiring service interruption, having symmetrical eyes provides a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing outcome compared to one eye filled with extensions and the other left bare.

Have you ever tried alternating between both eyes during extension application? Experience the benefits firsthand and elevate your lash extension results and client satisfaction.

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