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The Importance Of Lashing Both Eyes At a Time

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Throughout the past 7 years of being the Eyelash Extension business, I have seen many techniques and procedures used as well as differing results at the end. I have seen both beautiful extension jobs done as well as sets of eyelash extensions that looked less than stellar,many times with clusters of glue and extensions stuck altogether. Having multiple extensions stuck to one another can be detrimental to lash health and it also affects how the extensions feel to the client. Apart from causing damage to the natural lashes and roots through the addition of too much weight, having several extensions stuck to each other also increases the risk of immediate damage in the forms of irritation and or infections.

The best way of avoiding the problem of having extensions stick to one another is to apply the extensions to both eyes at a time by alternating from one eye to another after each extension is placed. The main benefit of alternating from eye to eye after each extension is that the adhesive used on each extension has more time to dry before a new extension with fresh adhesive gets placed next to it. This improves results and the clients' comfort levels by:

  • making it harder for extensions to stick to each other

  • reducing the weight that any one natural lash is carrying

  • having more naturally moving extensions from true individual extensions

  • removing irritating reactions caused by clumps of extensions

  • reducing the amount of adhesive fumes hanging over one eye at a time

Extension Placement Order Example

I know there are those who will defend the practice of being able to apply extensions to one eye and then another, but I'd like to point out that while some clients may be more tolerant to fumes, some technicians have faster drying adhesives, and other technicians can or like to take longer time applying the extensions, the practice of alternating from one eye to the next is applicable to a wide variety of technicians and clients working with adhesives that dry at a different rate. Also, as someone who loves symmetry, I think its easier to keep both eyes symmetrical if they are done at the same time. Lastly, in the rare case that an emergency comes up and you have to stop the service half-way, at least the client will have both eyes symmetrical as opposed to one eye filled with extensions and one bare.

Do you alternate between both eyes and if not, have you ever tried it?

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