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Did you think about humidity in your work space?

Working in the beauty industry it is easy to realize that when trying to provide a service, the products used are everything. For an Eyelash Technician, the way you take care of the products you use can make or break your business. I am sure that anyone that does eyelash extensions has realized the importance of a high quality glue. Did you ever stop and think of how the environment you work in can affect the glue you use? Or affect the health of you and your clients?

Today, most eyelash adhesives are cyanoacrylate adhesives. This means that they rapidly polymerize (dries) in the presence of water. More moisture means the glue will cure quicker. Being a cyanoacrylate adhesive means that eyelash glues need moisture in the air for them to work properly. During the application of eyelashes , the glue begins to release fumes that are attracted to moisture. If there's a lack of moisture in the air these fumes will be attracted to the first place of moisture that is present which will most likely be the eyes , nose, and mouth of both the technician and client which may lead to adverse effects. Keep in mind that some are more sensitive to fumes than others.

By controlling the level of humidity we can control the way our glues work which helps in obtaining maximum amount of adhesion while avoiding any adverse reactions to the client and the technician.For the eyelash adhesives to work best it is important to try to keep the level of humidity in your workspace at 45%-65% . The following is a simple comparison of how low and high levels of humidity can affect the service.

Low Humidity

-High chances of having an adverse reaction.

-Glue takes too long to dry meaning which usually leads to lashes getting stuck together.

-Lower lash retention due to glue not drying properly and discomfort for your clent.

High Humidity

-Many times leads to glue looking messy because glue cannot be spread properly.

-Poor adhesion due to glue drying to quick. Glue begins to cure before it is even applied to the eyelash.

-Lower lash retention due to poor bond. You may notice that the glue dries so fast that it is brittle and the extensions will simply flake off even once you brush them at the end of the service.

All lash technicians should try to keep a humidity reader in their workspace to be able to have a little bit more control of the results you give you clients. Use simple tricks like adding the now popular aromatic diffusers to add moisture to your workspace or you can use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in your workspace.

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