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The Importance of Environment and Humidity Control in Eyelash Extension Work

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

In the beauty industry, it becomes evident that the products we use are crucial when providing services. As an Eyelash Technician, the way you handle and care for the products you use can make or break your business. One product that holds paramount importance in eyelash extensions is the adhesive glue. Have you ever considered how the working environment can affect the performance of the glue and, consequently, the health of both you and your clients?

Today, most eyelash adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based, which means they rapidly polymerize (dry) in the presence of water. These adhesives require moisture in the air to work effectively. During the application of eyelashes, the glue releases fumes that are attracted to moisture. In an environment lacking moisture, these fumes will be drawn to the first available source of moisture, often the eyes, nose, and mouth of both the technician and the client, leading to potential adverse effects. It's important to note that individuals may have varying sensitivities to these fumes.

By controlling the humidity level in your workspace, you can optimize the performance of your eyelash glues and ensure maximum adhesion while avoiding any adverse reactions for both the technician and the client. Ideally, maintaining a humidity level of 45%-65% is recommended for the best results. Let's explore how low and high humidity levels can affect your service:

Low Humidity:

· Increased chances of adverse reactions.

· Glue takes longer to dry, leading to lashes sticking together.

· Lower lash retention due to improper drying of the glue and discomfort for your client.

High Humidity:

· Glue may appear messy as it cannot be spread evenly.

· Poor adhesion due to the glue drying too quickly, even before it is applied to the eyelash.

Lower lash retention due to a weak bond. The fast-drying glue may become brittle, causing extensions to flake off, even with brushing at the end of the service.

To maintain better control over your results, it is advisable for all lash technicians to keep a humidity reader in their workspace. This will enable you to monitor and adjust the humidity levels accordingly. You can also implement simple tricks such as using aromatic diffusers to add moisture to your workspace or using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity.

By prioritizing humidity control in your workspace, you ensure the optimal performance of your eyelash adhesives, leading to better outcomes for your clients. Additionally, you create a more comfortable and safer environment for both you and your clients, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. Take the necessary steps to maintain optimal humidity levels, and your business will flourish with satisfied clients and successful results.

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