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Eyelash Extensions have become a huge trend in the world of beauty and because of this there are many different takes and methods to properly take care of your lash extensions with maximum amount of retention. A common trend within all aftercare instructions is hygiene. It is highly important that you clean your lashes periodically. Yes, many of you might be thinking that you will make your lashes fall faster by wetting them and scrubbing them but worry not ,by washing your lashes your actually providing a stronger and healthier lash for your extensions to last longer and the area would be free from any oils that may affect the bondage of the glue. Now to make sure you clean your lashes properly we are going to provide a simple list for you to follow.

1. If you are wearing any makeup on your eyes make sure to gently remove it using a water based makeup remover wipe or use a water based makeup remover on a small gauze pad.(preferably something with little lint to prevent it from getting caught in the extensions.)

2. Once your lids are clean you you can let water run through your lashes if you are doing this in the shower or just splash some water on your lashes if you are doing this over a sink. This is simply to remove any loose debris from the extensions.

3. Make sure to use a soap or cleanser that is very gentle on the skin such as baby shampoo and any water based foaming cleansers. Simply apply a little bit of soap to your fingertips and lightly scrub your lashes. Instead of using your fingers you can also use a lash cleaning brush or you can also use a lash brush spoolie . This will allow for a bit of a deeper clean than using your finger tips.

4. To rinse your lashes off you are going to once again let water run through your lashes or splash some water on them.

5. To dry your lashes simply pat them dry using a towel and brush them out to give them a beautifully controlled look once again.

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